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Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L
Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L

Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L

A twin pack of 1 Litres of Golden Film Universal Steam Oil and 1 Litre of Multitreat TS Water Treatment

Golden Film Universal Steam Oil
Golden Film Universal Steam Oil optimises both bearing and cylinder lubrication. This carefully balanced formulation will suit most model and miniature engines where owners typically need high volumes of oil for cylinder and bearing lubrication.

Owners of engines no longer need to purchase a dedicated bearing oil or separate cylinder oil.

Works well in small mechanical lubricators as well as worsted wool and cotton wicking systems.

Multitreat TS Water Treatment
A concentrated Tannin based oxygen scavenger product suitable for steel boilers and particularly suited for Traction Engines and Locomotive Boilers

Multitreat TS provides all the benefits of a Tannin based treatment; This is ideal where the boiler is left full of water but where the Tannin molecule absorbs the oxygen forming an Iron Tannate film that adheres to the exposed inner metal surfaces of the boiler offering protection when left out of use.

Multitreat TS is a liquid blend of oxygen scavenger, polmeric sludge conditioner and alkalinity builder suitable for ferrous metals in the treatment of feed waters for hot water systems. In particular preserved steam locomotive boilers where both the feed water and boiler water remain static for long periods out of use.

Product Code OIL-WTPACK01

Golden Film Universal Steam Oil
Universal Steam Oil is not only bearing oil but formulated from a base cylinder oil, with its use recommended as a cylinder oil for pressures of up to 180psi. (Saturated and LightSuperheat)

The incorporation of selected additives, having a high affinity for metal surfaces, thereby providing maximum corrosion prevention during extended dry storage and over wintering beyond that normally associated with oiled surfaces.

Morris Lubricants have worked hard to produce superior oil that not only provides bearing lubrication but also a high pressure cylinder oil that will minimise potential carbon deposits in both vertical and horizontal engines, prevents corrosion and lubricates in both Saturated, Wet and Dry steam.

Multitreat TS Water Treatment
Multitreat TS is a single pack treatment that acts first to minimize corrosion whilst the boiler is sitting doing nothing and secondly acts to stop the build up of scale on the inner surface of the boiler by keeping the calcium and magnesium salts present in the water mobile and so preventing them from sticking to the exposed metal surfaces of the boiler.

Multitreat TS is a Tannin based water treatment that is preferred for use in cold feed water and in particular where the boiler is out of use periodically. The Tannin molecule is able; within its complex chemical structure to absorb oxygen from the feed water and at the same time form a protective iron tannate film on the exposed metal surfaces.

Multitreat TS should be dosed directly into the cold feed water tanks. The precise dose rate will be difficult to define and will depends on the quality and hardness of the water supply. It is appreciated that without the use of chemical test kits and the variation of water supply dosing is very much guess work. As a guide we would suggest adding at the start of the season about a half pint (250ml) to the cold feed water tanks and allow this to feed into the boiler. The amount of treatment can be judged by the colour of the boiler water in the gauge glass, which should have the appearance of ‘Tea’ or ‘Bitter Ale’. If the appearance is more like ‘Guinness’ or you can’t see through it, then it is likely that the dosage is too high. When the watercolour is weakened to that or ‘Lager’ it is likely you need to add further treatment to the feed water. For model boilers we would recommend no more than a cap full to add to the water tank to start off or in a relevant proportion to these guidelines. Dosage is ideal at 0.3% or 3000ppm.

Prolonged over dosing of the boiler water should be avoided.

Product Code: OIL-WTPACK01

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