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Golden Film & Multitreat TS Introduction Pack


We're pleased to be able to offer this Golden Film introductory pack, each box contains.

  • 1L Universal Steam Oil
  • 1L Multitreat TS Water Treatment

Available for the first time together in a pack.


MULTITREAT TS is a concentrated Tannin based oxygen scavenger product suitable for steel boilers and particularly suited for Traction Engines and Locomotive Boilers.

MULTITREAT TS provides all the benefits of a Tannin based treatment, this is ideal where the boiler is left full of water but where the Tannin molecule absorbs oxygen forming an Iron Tannate film that adheres to the exposed inner metal surfaces of the boiler offering protection when left out of use. MULTITREAT TS includes a blend of corrosion inhibitors and a Polymeric sludge conditioner.


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Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L

Excl. VAT: £17.89

Incl. VAT: £21.47

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