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Personal Signalling Lamp

4 Colour Signalling Lamp

For ensuring personal safety when working on-track we're pleased to be able to offer the Four Colour Personal Signalling Lamp which has been designed to meet the strictest safety specifications and also to set new standards in personal signalling safety on todays rail networks.

Using the very latest technology in high output light emitting diode arrays, the personal signalling Lamp offers precise colour matching to BS1376 "Class B" colour output - Signal Red, Signal Green and Signal Yellow which combine to produce a brilliant White Light. Each array has multiple LED's which reduce the risk of a complete lamp failure due to a single filament bulb blowing.

The personal signalling Lamp weighs just 200g (excluding batteries) powering the lamp is achieved through modern battery monitoring technology and high capacity rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Cells. C size cells can also be used to power the Personal Signalling Lamp.



  • Powerful White Halogen Search Light
  • Alkaline or Rechargeable Power Packs
  • Low Battery Voltage Indicator
  • Beltclip on rear of lamp
  • Lightweight
  • Four Colour Personal Signalling Lamp
  • Conforms to BS1376 Class B Colour Specification
  • Railtrack Certification PA/05/965
  • Emergency Tailgate and Headlight Signalling Facility

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Signalling Railtrack Torch/Lamp HP-11R3RT

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