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Humidity Indicator Cards

An ideal accompanyment to Silica Gel giving the moisture content of air allowing you to monitor the Dry Boiler Storage procedure as it takes place.

Humidity Indicator Cards monitor the actual moisture content of air within a package expressing it as a percentage of its saturation moisture content, is termed the Relative Humidity (RH). The crucial factor in preventing corrosion and mould growth to stored or in transit items, is to keep the RH below 40 to 50%. Carefully calculated, the use of silica gel sachets will keep the RH below this level. This can be confirmed by the use of humidity indicator cards or papes which give a guide to the RH level.

These Humidity Indicator Cards indicate an RH level on each of their 4 spots. The higher up the card the sports change from blue to pink the higher the RH level. This allows an accurate reading of the humidity level and aids in indicating when silica gel sachets need replacing.


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Humidity Indicating Cards 4 spot 10-40% (PACK 100)

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