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Multitreat TV


Sentinel Waggon

A New Dedicated Water Treatment Solution for Sentinel Waggons, Locomotives and simliar vertical water tube boilers.

It is widely accepted that major corrosion of a typical Sentinel firebox is predominately to the metal surfaces around the variable water and steam interface and into the steam space. Proprietary water treatment soloutions work well with traditonal Tannin oxygen scavengers for protection of waterside metal surfaces from corrosion, but the extreme high temperatures of the firebox plate surfaces experienced in a Sentinel Firebox above the water / steam interface, reduces the effectiveness of Tannin as an oxygen scavenger, which can lead to differential high temperature corrosion within the steam space as well as differential stresses of the firebox plate.

Most proprietary water treatment solutions add further amounts of dissolved caustic salts which remain in the boiler water as steam flashes off. Within the steam space itself, water splashes up and over the hot firebox plate, flashing to steam as soon as it hits the hot surface and leaving in highly concentrated form the salts as a corrosive residue on the plate. Combined with the extremely high temperature, water and oxygen present, this situation becomes dynamic and highly corrosive. Similarly any carry over into the superheater coils has largely the same effect and potential 'pitting' of the internal surfaces of the superheater as a result.

Multitreat TV, is a high tech solution to help reduce the potential of this very high temperature corrosion that can take place around the water / steam interface. Not only does it contain a traditional tannin oxygen scavenger, but also a highly volatile oxygen scavenger that aggressively reduces the presence of any oxygen in the steam space.

Multitreat TV also does not contain any additional caustic salts that would otherwise add to the problem of salts that are left behind in a concentrated form on the otherwise bare metal surfaces in the steam space and superheater coils. However it can not, similarly to any other water treatment solution do anything about the existing dissolved chloride salts found in untreated feed water.

Multitreat TV also contains two polymer sludge conditioners to help disperse any suspended matter for better blowdown removal. This is important as it helps prevent the sludge building up in the bottom of the cross water tubes which in turn can accelerate corrosion at the bottom of the tubes. The sludge conditioners also help to modify the crystalline structure of any insoluble calcium and magnesium deposits which adhere to the heat exchange surfaces. This facilities crystal deformation and prevents sizeable crystal growth - again allowing better suspended solids removal via the blowdown.

It is important to establish a workable dosing and blowdown regime to maximise the results, but it is also appreciated that the quality of the feed water can not always be guaranteed. Multitreat TV, is also designed to cope with a variery of feed water qualities and dosing does not need to be a precise science.



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Multitreat TV Boiler Water Treatment 12.5L

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