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Mainline 1000 Steam Cylinder Oil


Developed for steam engines and locomotives operating where true superheat conditions are experienced on long hauls. The incorporation of selected additives ensure correct lubrication when saturated conditions on start up are present after prolonged stationary periods .

Steam engines and locomotives operating under superheat conditions using a lesser grade of cylinder oil can form heavy carbonaceous deposits around piston rings and cylinders. These deposits, which can lead to accelerated wear, are virtually eliminated by the careful selection of base oils, additives and precisely targeted quality control testing.  For use in all steam engines working in excess of 250lbs per inch steam pressure, with either saturated or superheated steam. Recommended for valve chests, slides, linkages and general lubrication, by means of mechanical lubricators, atomisers or oil can.

Mainline 1000 Cylinder Oil has also been specifically formulated for use in non-condensing steam cars. The advanced formulation ensures not only the correct lubrication but also provides good visibility in the oil ‘winker’ glass.

For later Steam cars and boilers where condensate recovery is present, Sovereign 1000, a Straight Steam Cylinder oil is recommended. Please refer to SOVERIGN STEAM CYLINDER OILS

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Mainline 1000 Cylinder Oil - 25L

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