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Worsted Wool


Lubrication of bearing surfaces is maintained by the supply of a constant thin film of oil between the surfaces of the bearing and the shaft.

In most bearing applications in steam traction engines and locomotives a small but constant supply of oil is maintained by the use of traditional wool trimming the syphons the oil from typically a cup and down a small tube communicating with the bearing surface.

Depending on the type of bearing the type of lubricating oil may differ, with generally a lighter oil for high speed bearings and a thicker oil being used for lower speed shafts.

The choice of Worsted Trimming used for lubrication will depend on the method of lubrication. It's important to use a genuine "Worsted" wool as most wool available from retail outlets has had all the natural oils washed out and often contained some element of polyester.

The wool supplied in this pack has been supplied direct from the mill before any of the processes to remove the natural oils has occurred, thereby ensuring excellent wicking ability.

This kit contains two thickness of Worsted wool, the choice and number of wool strands will also depend on the size of the communication tube and the folow of oil required.

Also included is a length of Copper Wire and two information sheets.


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Worsted Wool Lubricator Kit

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