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Apexior No.3 Cold Water Side Protective Coating

Single Component Air Cure Coating

Immersion in Fresh/Salt Water

Apexior No.3. on the other hand, prefers lower temperatures and makes an ideal anti-corrosive coating for metal surfaces in continuous contact with fresh or salt water at temperatures up to 52°C (125°F). To add to its versatility, Apexior No.3 also has a wide range of marine applications and is resistant to dry heat up to 232°C (450°F). It is as easy to apply and maintain as Apexior No.1 and shares the same properties - it to imparts no smell or discolouration to liquids.

Colour :   Black

Covering Capacity (theoretical): 12.4m2/ltr (at 38 microns DFT)

Recommended Film Thickness :   48 microns dry, 80 microns wet

Volume Solids :   47% (±2% ) (ASTM)

Drying Times (at 15°C):   Touch dry 4 hours overcoatable after 8 hours

Heat Resistance :   Withstands continuous Wet heat 93°C Dry heat up to 232°C

Pack Size :   5 Litres

Applications :   Brush / Roller / Spray


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Apexior No.3 Black 2.5L

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Incl. VAT: £88.20

Apexior No.3 Black 5L

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Incl. VAT: £154.98

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