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Pre-Pac Highest Quality Paraffin

Pre-Pac Paraffin is a high quality clean burning fuel ideal for use in paraffin heaters, paraffin lamps and cookers.

Available in easy to use 4L containers with child resistant caps; making this an ideal way to safely store and apply Paraffin.

A Clean Burning Premium Grade Paraffin, Ideal for Use in Paraffin Heaters and Lamps

  • Handy 4 Litre Bottles
  • Easy to Use
  • Induction Heat Sealed for Security
  • Clean Burning
  • Child Resistant Caps
  • Recyclable Containers
  • BS 28691C1
  • EC No. 294-799-5
  • CAS-No. 91770-15-9
  • UN No. 1223

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Premium Paraffin 4L

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