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Magnavis Crack Finder

Magnavis Crack Finder is a prepared bath intended for spot inspection for difficult to process situations where bulk processing is impractical.

Magnavis Crack Finder is composed of 7C Black Magnaflux magnetic powder suspended in a low volatility mineral oil.

Colour Black
Setting Volume Approx 1.5ml @ 60 min
Temperature Range 55-120°F

Method of Application

Aerosol spray is the only possible method of application. First make sure that the inspected surfaces are clean and dry. For permanently magnetized parts, shake the can unitl the agitator rattles; cover the surface with spray. When using the continuous magnetizing method, fix the part in the magnetizing unit and cover the surface with 7HF black spray and immediately magnetize the part.

1 can covers approximately 65 square feet.


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Magnavis MPI Black Crack Finder Aerosol Spray

Excl. VAT: £19.30

Incl. VAT: £23.16

Magnavis MPI White Crack Finder Aerosol Spray

Excl. VAT: £20.12

Incl. VAT: £24.14

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