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Grease Monkey


Grease Monkey Hand Cleaners and Wipes provide two convenient powerful ways to remove dirt and grime from your hands without using harsh products that can irritate over time


Grease Monkey Orange Citrus Hand Cleaner Gel
Grease Monkey Hand Cleaner is an Orange Citrus Hydrated Silica Grain Hand Gel featuring a semi-gel skin cleaner that rapidly and effectively removes oil, grease, creosote, household paints, general dirt and grime without exposing the user to harsh pertroleum based products.

Based on natural citrus extracts which clean well and leave your hands feeling smooth and with a pleasant orange smell.

Add to dry hands and work into hand and then rinse off with clean water and dry. Grease Monkey will leave your hands feeling clean and smooth.

  • Features
  • Based on natural citrus extracts.
  • Effective and suitable for heaviest soiling
  • Does not contain petroleum based solvents
  • Can be used daily because of its mildness
  • Works with hot and cold water in hard and soft areas
  • Pleasant residual citrus smell on hands after washing
  • The massaging action of the hydrated silica grains helps remove soiling
  • Grains will not cause drain blocking
  • Contains sanitisers and skin emollients

Grease Monkey Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Wipes
Grease Monkey Hand Wipes are a unique mono-coated fabric with self scrubbing action that can be used to clean paint, adhesives, oil, grease, sealants, silicone and foam from hands, tools and surfaces. An ideal product for the workshop or to keep in your tool bag for when working off site.


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Grease Monkey Hand Cleaner 500ml

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