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Preservative Fluids

Protect your components over Winter with Ankor D Preservative Oil & Ankor Wax!

Ankor D is a special solvent deposited, short to medium term rust preventative. This product has a very low surface tension and viscosity and therefore spreads rapidly, penetrating into all hard to reach parts and covering all surfaces however irregular. It dried to leave a continuous protective coating of viscous petroleum products and additives that have powerful rust preventative properties. This product is particularly useful where the metal parts to be treated are wet, because the chemistry of Ankor D has powerful attraction to the metal surface and this completely displaces all traces of water before laying down the protective rust preventing film. Ankor D is very effective as a rust preventative in damp atmospheres and all climates. 

Ankor Wax is a special solvent deposited, long term corrosion preventative, having low viscosity and surface tension thereby enabling it to spread rapidly, penetrating into all inaccessible areas and covering all surfaces however irregular. It dries to leave a continuous firm wax protective coating that imparts excellent corrosion protection properties. Ankor Wax has de-watering properties and therefore can be used where the metal parts to be treated are wet. All traces of water are displaced before the protective film is applied. Ankor Wax is effective in damp and humid climates and gives excellent protection against salt spray.


2 Products

Ankor D - 25L

Excl. VAT: £143.55

Incl. VAT: £172.26

Ankor Wax Preservative Fluid 5L

Excl. VAT: £41.94

Incl. VAT: £50.33

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