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Wad Punch Sets



Quickly and easily cut precision bolt holes in flange gaskets. Select the desired diameter cutting head, mount handle, position on gasket material, and strike!

Patented locking system allows rapid interchange of cutting heads. Unique design performs single diameter (hole) cuts as well as dual diameter (ring) cuts in one operation. Hardended steel cutting heads stay sharp.

  • Unique patented locking system allows quick and easy interchange of heads
  • Dual cutting heads allow cutting inner and outer dimensions at the same time (32 Piece Kit ONLY)
  • Cutting heads can be used individually for precision cuts

Perfect for use in...


  • Maintenance Departments
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Institutional Power Plants
  • Hospitals and Universities

3 Products

WAD Punch Mandrel Handle

Excl. VAT: £44.81

Incl. VAT: £53.77

Wad Punch Set 32 PCE Metric C/W Shock Absorbing Handle

Excl. VAT: £191.40

Incl. VAT: £229.68

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