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Ankor Wax

Ankor Wax is a specail solvent deposited, long term corrosion preventative, having low viscosity and surface tension enabling it to spread rapidly, penetrating into all inaccessible areas and covering all surfaces however irregular. It dries to leave a continuous firm wax protective coating with excellent corrosion protection properties. Ankor Wax is effective in damp and humid climates and gives excellent protection against salt spray.


Ankor Wax is recommended for medium and long term corrosion protection applications. This product is highly recommended for protecting bright steel wire, bars, billets, sections and sheets during long term storage and transport. It may also be used as an underbody protective. It's easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. The low viscosity of this product ensures minimum drag out when using the dipping process and in large scale systems this is a significant saving.

Protection Performance

Protection Performance
Indoors 3-5 Years
Covered Outdoors 3 Years min. 6 months
Outdoors 2 Years min.

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Ankor Wax Preservative Fluid 5L

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