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PCN-Lite Handling Gloves

A PU Palm and Fingertop Coated Nylon Lite Handling Work Glove ideal for jobs where keeping your hands clean is ideal. These lightweight, breathable gloves snugly fit your hands while the elasticated cuff provides a secure grip around your wrist. Its extra fine 18 gauge Nylon liner allows you to wear the glove for extended periods of time while it remains comfortable and easy to wear while providing superb dexterity and tactile sensation.

These features make the PCN-Lite Nylon glove the perfect choice for high end precision work in wet or dry situations.


2 Products

Gloves - Lite Handling size 10

Excl. VAT: £2.19

Incl. VAT: £2.63

Gloves - Lite Handling size 9

Excl. VAT: £2.28

Incl. VAT: £2.74

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