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Belt Dressing Spray



  • Food grade belt dressing
  • Adheres strongly to any belt material
  • Provides instant grip, prevents glazing and reduces slippage
  • Conditions to prevent cracking and breakage
  • Reduces build up of grease and dirt
  • Non-toxic and colourless
  • Wide temperature range: -50°C to +100°C
  • NSF H1 Registered
  • ISO 21469 certified
  • Belt dressing spray extends belt life and transmission efficiency by conditioning belts to prevent drying out, cracking and ultimately breakage.
  • Belt dressing spray is equally effective in damp or wet environments as in dry and clean conditions due to its insolubility in water.

Rocol belt dressing spray is a colourless, non-toxic, adhesive spray that reduces slippage and conditions belts extending their service life even in damp or wet conditions.

One application of rocol belt dressing spray will give instant grip to prevent belt squeal, wear and slippage.


  • Shake aerosol well before use.
  • Apply from a distance of 15-30cm (6-12 inches).
  • Apply a thind film directly onto the drive face of the belt.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
  • Test compatibility with plastics and rubbers and painted or coated surfaces prior to application.
  • The storage temperature should be kept below +50°C, and the storage area should be out of direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacture.


NSF registration and ISO 21469 certification offer crucial safety assurances about lubricant formulation, but ROCOL has now become the first in the UK to add x-ray and metal detectable packaging components as another layer of protection which counters the risk of foreign object contamination.

DETEX x-ray and metal detectable plastic actuators and caps are now used on all aerosol cans for Foodlube food-grade lubricants. It means that, unlike traditional aerosol packaging, Product caps and actuators can be identified using standard x-ray or metal detection equipment like the ones from LOMA



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Belt Dressing Aerosol Spray 300ml

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