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Graphite Twist Packing

Max. Temperature:        400°C

Pressure Rating:           50 Bar

Rotary Speed:               10 m/

pH Range:                     3-12

Pilotsil 8110 is a graphite twist packing for Rotary, Static and Reciprocating Pumps and Valves.

The reel contains 0.5Kg of 3mm thread constructed from BCX Fibre, Mineral Lubricants and Graphite and can be seperated to form 1.0mm strands.

A greasy non-asbestos twist, each strand of high temperature yarn os impregnated with a graphite lubricant to give a good firm, uniformly lubricated twist with a low co-efficient of friction.

Pilotsil 8110 is suitable for use with Water, Steam, Gas, Petroleum products and Oils. But it's application is for static or very low speed Rotary or reciprocating assemblies.

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