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Klinger 46 Gland Packing

A carbon based high performance multiservice packing for both valve & pump applications

Klinger 46 is one of the Klinger TopLine range of compression packings.

This is an optimised range introduced to provide users with gland sealing products that meet today’s demanding services, offering effective and trouble-free sealing during application. To achieve this we have selected the best materials and the best production methods. The result is the Klinger TopLine range.

Ongoing test and development in line with the Klinger philosophy will ensure the continued improvement of the TopLine products.

  • The result is an economic alternative to pure graphite packings while offering reliable sealing performance in both valve and pump applications.
  • The addition of graphite improves the packings overall capability in dynamic applications and also acts as a further blocking agent to improve sealing.
  • K46 will resist virtually all media over an extensive range of pressures and temperatures and is only affected by the presence of powerful oxidisers.
  • Although frequently employed on its own, the packing can be used as part of a specialised composite set in conjunction with either Klinger 3222 packing or Klinger 35 die-formed rings. Within these sets K46 acts as both supporting anti-extrusion rings and wiper rings.

Service Capabilities

When used in equipment in good mechanical condition and installed using our product guidelines the undernoted values apply:

Minimum Operating Temperature: -240°C

Maximum Operating Temperature: 430°C

Maximum Steam Temperature: 650°C

pH: 0–14

Maximum Static Pressure: 100 bar

Maximum Dynamic Pressure: 8 bar

Maximum Speed: 20 m/s

Note: The packing should not be subjected to the maximums of temperature, pressure and speed simultaneously.


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