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Universal Steam Oil

Universal Steam Oil


"Morris Lubricants. I decided to take up the offer to try the Universal steam oil one year ago. I have found it to have been ideal for the locomotive cylinders and also a steam water pump I have fitted to my loco. About fourteen months ago I had to replace my piston rings and make two new pistons, after finding one of the pistons had corroded away on the bottom allowing the piston rings to break up, I also found they had worn away to about twenty thou in thickness. They were one sixteenth of an inch when fitted in 1999. The steam oil I was using was like treacle, the new is more like modern engine oil, it is easy to pump through the average pump operated oil can, and I found when I opened up the cylinders during an overhaul last week there was a thin film of oil coating inside the bores.

I found with regard to the water pump it starts working as it should as soon as the steam is turned on, after about twenty seconds, warm up time. I can't praise it highly enough it is well worth the price, it is also available mail order."

R. Hillman F&D.M.E.S.

Morris Lubricants have produced a Universal Steam Oil that optimises both bearing and cylinder lubrication. This carefully balanced formulation will suit most model and miniature engines where owners typically need high volumes of oil for cylinder and bearing lubrication. Universal Steam Oil is not only bearing oil but formulated from a base cylinder oil, with its use recommended as a cylinder oil for pressures of up to 180spi. (Saturated and Light Superheat)

Owners of engines no longer need to purchase a dedicated bearing oil or seperate cylinder oil.

Universal Steam Oil works well in small mechanical lubricators as well as worsted wool and cotton wicking systems.

The incorporation of selected additives, having a high affinity for metal surfaces, thereby providing maximum corrosion prevention during extended dry storage and over wintering beyond that normally associated with oiled surfaces.

Morris Lubricants have worked hard to produce superior oil that not only provides bearing lubrication but also a high pressure cylinder oil that will minimise potential carbon deposits in both vertical and horizontal engines, prevents corrosion and lubricates in both Saturated, Wet and Dry steam.

The oil is also available in both 1 litre and 5 litre bottles, with the 1 litre available in a self pouring container.


4 Products

Golden Film Universal Steam Oil - 1L

Excl. VAT: £6.68

Incl. VAT: £8.02

Golden Film Universal Steam Oil - 5L

Excl. VAT: £30.69

Incl. VAT: £36.83

Twin Pack - 1L Golden Film Universal Oil / Multitreat TS - 1L

Excl. VAT: £17.89

Incl. VAT: £21.47

Twin Pack - 5L Universal Oil / Multitreat TC - 5L

Excl. VAT: £75.80

Incl. VAT: £90.96

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