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Dasty Degreaser

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  • Ideal for thoroughly degreasing all mechanical parts as well as large surfaces
  • Safe for shipping and contains no ozone depleting chemicals
  • Easily removes grease, mineral oil, scale etc.
  • Biodegradable

Dasty in use

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, developed after an advanced technological research - it’s a powerful and extremely effective product. Ideal to thoroughly degrease all the mechanical parts as well as large surfaces, brings back effortlessly the original shine. It easily removes grease and mineral oil, scale, deposits of smog, remains of insects etc. from the windshield and in the interior of cars, trucks, boats, caravans. Especially appreciated in the workshop. A valuable aid even in the toughest domestic cleaning and in all DIY activities.

USE: Spray Dasty Degreaser Professional onto the surface to clean, let it work for max. 5 minutes, then rinse.

ATTENTION! For painted material or other that indicated: test the product on a non visible spot of the material to be treated. Do not use on policarbonates (transparent plastic in general, for ex. helmet visors, shower cabins etc.).


>5% non ionic surfactants and cationic phosphates. Other: perfume (limonene)



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Dasty Industrial Professional Degreaser Trigger Spray 1L

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