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Bionic Face Shield

A mask designed with the utmost comfort of the wearer in mind, it's highly adjustable nature gives 2784 possible wearer positions.

Each part of the mask that will come into contact with the head is fitted with extra soft cushioning as well as a breathable extra soft sweat-band.

Designed with extented top of the head and chin protection as well as a locking mechanism for improved safety.


Visor:   Clear fog band polycarbonate

Abrasion Resistant:   Yes

Application:   Heavy Mechanical Tasks

Visor Marking:   2C-1.2 B-D 1 BT 3

Shell Marking:   BD 166 3 BT 5


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Bionic Face Shield

Excl. VAT: £32.09

Incl. VAT: £38.51

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