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Uvex i-works Safety Glasses

Uvex i-works

The uvex i-works encapsulates the best of uvex eyewear: the sporty design, panoramic lens and low weight make it extremely comfortable and together with the unrivalled permanent uvex lens coating technology (uvex supravision excellence), provides the highest level of optical clarity remaining fog free even after repeated cleaning. High-tech soft grip side arm materials further enhance comfort levels delivering a stable, non-slip fit.

  • British led styling - German engineering
  • Sporty design - robust while looking good
  • Panoramic lens from great lateral vision
  • Soft grip side arms - ultra comfortable.
  • Stable, non-slip fit
  • Low profile side arms with practical hang cord attachment (Sold Seperately - See Below)
  • Metal free
  • UV 400 protection
  • Available in Clear, Dark Tint, Yellow, and Silver Mirror

uvex supravision excellence

Coated lenses are anti-fog (for at least 16 seconds) on the inside, while the outside offers extreme scratch and chemical resistance. The anti-fogging properties are permanent even after repeated cleaning. The lenses are also easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt due to the non-stick nanotechnology.

Glasses Detail group

easy to clean
uvex "easy to clean" glasses are also less susceptible to dirt.
Hang cord attachment keeps eyewear handy for when it's needed
Permanent anit-fog coating on the inside and scratch resistant on the outside of the lens
Low profile soft grip side arms. Compatible with other items of PPE


5 Products

Uvex i-works Neck Hang Cord

Excl. VAT: £1.00

Incl. VAT: £1.20

Uvex i-works Safety Glasses - Blue Frame / Clear Lens

Excl. VAT: £6.12

Incl. VAT: £7.34

Uvex i-works Safety Glasses - Dark Tint Lens

Excl. VAT: £4.60

Incl. VAT: £5.52

Uvex i-works Safety Glasses - Silver Mirror Lens

Excl. VAT: £8.94

Incl. VAT: £10.73

Uvex i-works Safety Glasses - Yellow Lens

Excl. VAT: £4.49

Incl. VAT: £5.39

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