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Timesaver Lapping Compound

Timesaver Lapping Compound is a simple to apply product engineered for fitting and smoothing the bearing of surfaces that contact with each other mechanically for the purpose of rotating, oscillating or sliding.

Its quick cutting action slowly diminishes as its abrasive particles disintegrate into a more inoperative material. Timesaver Lapping Compound doesn't contain emery, ground glass, silicon-carbide, aluminium oxide or any other similar permanent changing abrasives. It wont charge into any metal surface or continue to cut

Timesaver Lapping Compound lives up to its name saving you time and effort and leaving a precision fit with proper oil clearance and a fine finish.

Available in two varieties GREEN for use on ferrous metals and YELLOW for non-ferrous metals. Both types are available in four different grades. Very Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse


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