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Goldenrod Oil Cans

Golden Rod Oil Cans & Oilers are precision machined to deliver a high quality, accurate delivery of oil, cleaners, kerosene, lubricants and penetrating oils. (depending on type)

Goldenrod Heavy Duty Pump Oiler

Goldenrod Heavy Duty Pump Oiler

Available in 1 and 1 1/2 U.S. Pint (0.4L & 0.7L) cans with either an angled or flexible spout. The Goldenrod heavy duty pump oiler is built to last due to its manufacture from easily replaceable precision machined components; this Oiler could last you a lifetime.

Goldenrod Spray Tip Oiler

Goldenrod Spray Tip Oiler

The Goldenrod Spray Tip Oiler is a sturdy precision oiler with a drawn steel construction and a double seamed base. Comes complete with a zinc die-cast high pressure pump, precision ground piston, zinc top cap and coated with a red powder finish. Available in 10oz and 20oz capacities the Goldenrod Spray Tip Oiler is ideal for use with low viscosity fluids, cleaners, Kerosene, light lubricants, solvents and penetrating oils.



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Goldenrod Spray Tip Oiler 20oz 6" Long Spout

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