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Blue Max Fitting Instructions


bluemax step 1

Remove the old gasket and thoroughly clean the cover plate flange, ring or shell gasket surfaces.


bluemax step 2

Position the Blue-Max gasket on cover plate making sure that the gasket is pushed down tight and flat around the shoulder.

Note: If the plates shoulder is rounded and making the gasket hard to keep in place using the Blue-Max Sta-Ons. (Do not use any grease, sealants or lubricants) will ensure that one side of the gasket doesn't slide back up onto the shoulder during installation and causing premature failure when pressure builds up.


bluemax step 3

Install the cover plate into the opening then set the crab/s. Tightening the nut(s) with fingers while making sure the inside diameter of the gasket is centred evenly around the inside edge of the ring or shell.

Note: If the cover plate is too small for the opening in the boiler, it's easy to place the cover plate off centre. An off centre plate will cause the same occurrence as previously described in Step 2.


bluemax step 4

Tighten the nut(s) with a wrench for approximately 1/2 turn. When all the gaskets are in place as previously described. Torque style # 810-T handhole gasket sizes to 60ft. lbs. And style #800-T manhole gasket sizes to 120ft. lbs.

Note: All plates with double crabs should be alternately tightened. ie: 40-80-120 ft. lbs.


bluemax step 5

Fill and fire the boiler.

Note: If the gasket leaks when filling the boiler don't tighten the nut(s). The soft rubber compound under the PTFE cures with heat allowing the rubber to fill the pits sealing the irregular surfaces. During this curing process it is not uncommon for leakage to occur.


bluemax step 6

Once the boiler has come up to operating temperature and pressure, allow the boiler to operate for four hours. After this period, re-tighten any leaking gaskets only enough to stop leakage.


Bluemax boiler bottom

Extra care should be taken when installing gaskets on the bottom of a boiler shell. Small particles of scale or sand tent to run down on the mating surface between the time the surface is cleaned and the cover plate is put in place ready to be torqued.


Bluemax Disclaimer

Blue-Max boiler gaskets are sold and intended for use on steam boilers. Recommendations for use of Blue-Max boiler gasket are based on tests believed reliable. Since their installation and use is beyond our control we cannot guarantee the results, whether or not such use is in accordance with these directions. We hereby disclaim any responsibility.

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