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Why Use TOPOG-E?

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A Heritage Steam boiler can make extreme demands on gaskets. Topog-E moulded rubber gaskets are specifically formulated to meet and exceed these demands and deliver an exceptional performance.

Topog-E gaskets have been refined through a series of over 600 research formulation tests to ensure that they are able to meet the exacting performance standards expecting by the heritage steam movement.

Topog-E specifically

Conforms :   to the topography of the mating surfaces

Withstands :   a boilers full, continuous and cycling operating pressures.

                       Continuous exposure to water treatment chemicals.

                       Continuous exposure to ion and oxygen in hot air.

Prevents :   all leakage.

Replaces easily :   without chiselling or buffing.


When used on steam pressure vessels Topog-E gaskets are typically used at operating pressures of up to 180 PSI (12 Bar) and saturated steam temperatures of 380°F (193°C) for an average service life of one year.

When used in other applications Topog-E gaskets are sometimes used at pressures above 200 PSI (14 Bar) where temperatures are typically more moderate (eg. below 250°F/121°C).

Topog-E gaskets have been used successfully around the world for over forty years. In general any type of industrial pressure vessel or tank that has inspection openings is a potential application where Topog-E gaskets can be used as a cost effective sealing device.

The Topog-E gasket company formulates and mixes its own rubber invests heavily in research and development efforts to insure that Topog-E gaskets live up to their worldwide reputation for quality, durability and ease of use.

Topog-E gaskets are tested in house at steam pressures and temperatures far exceeding the 180psi and 380°F levels below which most Topog-E gaskets are used in steam applications. Carefully installed and monitored Topog-E gaskets are routinely subjected for extended periods of time to steam pressures and temperatures of up to 360 PSI (26 Bar) and 438°F (226°C)

Expected Life in Steam Boiler Applications

The following table was prepared, based on actual customer use and extensive testing to be used as a general guide for estimating approximate service life for properly installed Topog-E gaskets in steam pressure vessels.






Below 25 (2) 18-24
25-100 (2-7) 12-18
100-180 (7-12) 12-15
180-200 (12-14) 10-12
200-225 (14-16) 8-10
225-250 (16-17) 6-8

Installation Environment & Suitability

Topog-E gaskets are specifically formulated to have excellent resistance to steam as well as hot and cold water.

They also have a good resistance to: 

  • Phosphate esters
  • Salts
  • Ammonia
  • Silicone oils & greases
  • Ammonia Animal and Vegetable fats
  • Selected refrigerants
  • Alcohols
  • Dilute Acids
  • Ketones
  • Bases
  • Glycols

Water treatment chemicals when used in accordance with supplier's guidelines should not have a significant effect on the service life of a properly installed Topog-E gaskets.

Material Description

Special proprietary rubber composition, Black 80-85 durometer

Service Summary

Steam Boilers :   up to 180 psi (12 Bar) 380°F (193°C) water, condensate, etc.

Vessels :   200+ psi (14 Bar) and less than 300°F (150°C)

Higher temperatures and pressure are possible See Above


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