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Morris Lodexol MTL



Specifically designed for the lubrication of Traction Motor gears commonly found on Diesel-Electric locomotives operating on the rail networks and heritage lines. Lodexol MTL is an excellent alternative to Motak.

Lodexol MTL is a highly adhesive, water resistant lubricant incorporating a highly stable additive package to prevent corrosion and wear even under high stress and loads. The absence of Bitumen or residual oils ields a product which requires no special handling requirements unlike previous formulations used over the last 50 years.

Features / Benefits

  • Low odour
  • No special handling requirements
  • Bitumen free
  • Highly adhesive
  • High shock load resistance
  • High lubricity
  • High water resistance
Physical Characteristics  
Appearance (Concentrate) Slightly Hazy brown, Tenacious
Density @ 15°C 0.956
Un-Worked Penetration - IP50 369
NLGI Consistency 0
Pour Point +10°C
Flash Point - IP 35 >200°C
Brookfield Viscosity @ 15°C 512,000 cps Spindle # 4, 10rpm
Brookfield Viscosity @ 100°C 20,080 cps Spindle # 2, 100rpm
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