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SCO1000 CTRO Compound Steam Cylinder Oil

SCO1000CTRO is a steam cylinder oil used in super heated locomotives with a high degree of super heat usually for use on main line operations, where the design power of the locomotive is constantly being met. It has been successfully proven by several of the preserved locomotives in main line operation. It is also proving very popular amongst user of Sentinel Steam Wagons and a number of steam car users who have similarly high degrees of super heat.


2 Products

SCO 1000CTRO+ Compound Steam Cylinder Oil - 25L

Excl. VAT: £162.75

Incl. VAT: £195.30

SCO 1000CTRO+ Compound Steam Cylinder Oil - 5L

Excl. VAT: £51.29

Incl. VAT: £61.55

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