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  1. Copper Anti-seize Grease 500g

    Copper Anti-seize Grease 500g

    Excl. VAT: £6.56 Incl. VAT: £7.87

    K383 Anti-Seize Grease from Morris Lubricants is a high quality lead free compound that leaves a fine film of copper particles even when temp. flashed or excessively compressed.

    Manufactured from high quality mineral oils, non soap thickener and also incorporating copper powder and graphite. This grease works through excessive temperature where the oily component of the compound is flashed off; Or when excessive compression causes most of the grease to be squeezed out as a fine film of copper particles will always remain in any joints of threading helping to prevent seizure.

    • Features
    • Prevents seizure and galling during assembly and therefore reduces assembly time.
    • Enables the easy dismantling of components subjected to high temperatures.
    • Provides an effect anti-seize in saturated conditions, including chemical environments and salt water.
    • Enables fast and easy dismantling of components, allowing them to be reused after dismantling.

    The excellent anti seize properties of K383 make it ideal for lubricating brake linkages. The product is also recommended as a thread lubricant on studs, pipes, casings and whenever eventual disassembly must proceed smoothly. K383 can be used with confidence on the threads of pipes that carry very hot and corrosive liquids or gases, where it assists sealing and allows trouble free disassembly, including pipe fitting and valves in the chemical, petrochemical, gas and drilling industries. Apply sparingly by brush to the threaded components prior to assembly. For optimum performance, ensure that both the threaded surfaces are completely coated with K383.

    Appearance :Bronze
    NLGI Consistency :1/2
    Thickener :Non-soap
    Lubricating Solids Content (%) :18% (Copper and Graphite mixture)
    Base Oil :Solvent refined mineral oil
    Worked Penetration :280 to 320
    Dropping Point (°C) :Non-melting
    Salt Water Corrosion 20hrs @ 25°C on Sheet Steel :No Corrosion
    Electrical Conductivity :Excellent
    Coefficient of Friction (µ) :0.12
    Operating Temperature Range (°C) :-30 to +1100
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  2. Copper Anti-seize Aerosol Spray 400ml

    Copper Anti-seize Aerosol Spray 400ml

    Excl. VAT: £6.75 Incl. VAT: £8.10

    High Temperature Anti-Seize Protection up to 1100°C

    Tygris R234 is an anti-sieze which gives outstanding overall metal protection against heat, rust, seizure and corrosion. Resistance to water and acids is high and it will not burn off under extreme stress. For use on threaded components, pins, valve stems in a range of materials including austenitic stainless steel. Used on brake callipers and the back of brake pads it will help eliminate brake squeal.

    • Features
    • Effective up to 1100°C
    • Water and acid resistant
    • Use on a wide range of metals
    • Prevents seizure of threaded parts
    • Will not burn or wash off
    • Eliminates brake squeal
    • Assists in assembly and disassembly of components
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  3. Heldite Jointing Compound 500ml - Setting Type

    Heldite Jointing Compound 500ml - Setting Type

    Excl. VAT: £20.12 Incl. VAT: £24.14

    Heldite Jointing Compound (500ml) is a high performance sealant for preventing leakage of Diesel, Lubricating & Transmission Oils and Coolants, Domestic Heating Oils, Paraffin, Water (Including Sea Water) Steam and Gases, Resistant to Pressure and Temperature Variations.

    It will effectively seal bolted, flanged or screwed joints and as it is in a liquid form it is economical to use and does not tend to squeeze out into the interior of a joint and cause damage. Heldite is non-abrasive and will not damage highly machined joint faces; the combination of thermal, plastic and adhesive factors in this jointing compound is unique in the sealant formulation. The plasticity combats the effects of temperature and pressure changes, shifting levels and stresses associated with the assembly of dissimilar metals such as aluminium housings bolted to cast blocks. The adhesive factor not only assists gasket location but has been shown to be an effective locking sealant for imparting additional security to splines, studs and press fit bearings.

    Heldite has no effect on metals, rubber or other materials with which it is in contact.

    Heldite contains no abrasive material and will not damage highly machined joint faces or such components as aluminium cylinder heads.

    Heldite is manufactured to commercial specification 68-145/I

    Not compatible with Ethanol or Potable water