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Water Lifter Suction Hose for Models and Miniatures


Scale Water Lifter Suctoin hose for models and miniatures have always presented a challenge, as any attempt to manufacture these with both an internal and external wire armour in the traditional way make these both too bulky and too ridged to look authentic on a model or miniature scale engine. These hose are made using a modern suction hose material and then ribbed to carry an external wire armour, providing both excellent functionality and authenticity.

Here is what one well known and renown scale engine builder has to say:


"At last, an authentic looking water lifter suction hose that looks good, but more importantly hangs right. I have not so far fitted a water lifter suction hose to my 6" Fowler, GALANTHUS, until now, as what has been on offer has never looked quite right, but at last I have one on order"

Edward George

Little Samson Models



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