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Penberthy High Pressure Steam Injectors

For suction lift applications with steam pressures from 50 to 200 psi and up to 250 psi with water pressure supply Penberthy High Pressure Injectors are available in two body styles and 8 sizes with screwed connections from ⅜" to 2½" pipe size having capacities as given in performance table. At the same operating pressure, they use less steam than “Standard" injectors permitting the handling of warmer supply water and higher suction lift as indicated by their design range given below:

Suction Lift Applications

  • Start Low : at 50 psi steam with 3 ft lift and 74° water
  • Work High : up to 200 psi steam pressure with 3 ft lift and 74°F water
  • Lift Water : 20 ft with steam pressures from 80 to 120 psi and 74°F water

Maximum Temperature of Suction Water

  • 3ft lift and at steam pressures as follows:
  • 120°F at 120 psi
  • 115°F at 140 psi
  • 105°F at 170 psi
  • 85°F at 200 psi


Size No. *Boiler Horse Power Rating Pipe size
Conn. (In)
Shipping Weight Boxed (LB)
00-326 12
AA-328 27 ½
BB-330 50 ¾
CC-332 90 1 8


*Boiler horsepower ratings based on supplying approximately 7 gallons of water per horsepower per hour with 3 ft suction lift and 140 psi steam pressure. Each injector is supplied with all bronze pipe strainer one size larger than injector connection for installation at end of suction pipe.

Sizes OO-326 through DD-334 are provided with relief valve to facilitate starting at the lower steam pressures.

Size OO-326 injector is supplied with two small strainers for insertion in the stream and water supply union connections

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